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Wedding Day Dress for Less Boutique

3243 Kewaunee Rd

Green Bay, WI 54311

Tel: 920-632-3809

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Bobbi Schroeder-Oudenhoven

Owner/Sole Stylist

Recently engaged and ready to start dress shopping? Here are some tips to make saying “YES!” 
* Less is more.
* We know that it’s so fun to bring all of your friends and bridesmaids dress shopping with you, but sometimes too many opinions can confuse a bride.
* Make sure you have your VIP guests with you when you’re shopping. A lot of brides find their  dress when they least expect to, and it’s hard to recreate that special moment when you put  your dress on for the first time.
* It’s ok to say “YES” at your first boutique! So many brides find their perfect dress and then want     to keep shopping. It’s ok to check this off of your wedding to-do list and then go celebrate with     your faves!
* Trust your gut! Everyone is going to have an opinion, but the only one that matters is yours. Trust  how you feel when you’re in “The One.”
* HAVE FUN!! Dress shopping shouldn’t be a stressful experience-you’re trying on beautiful    dresses! A lot of brides come in feeling nervous, but once they put the first dress on their nerves  are gone!
* Enjoy the experience! I would love to help you find your perfect dress and welcome you to your    private consultation. 

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