Dresses are not for sale online. We want to provide you with a great bridal experience in person at 107 N. Broadway St., Green Bay, WI. On the corner of Walnut & Broadway Streets across from BMO Harris Bank. Parking in rear in Czachor Pollack Law firm lot. An Appointment IS NECESSARY TO TRY ON WEDDING DRESSES, all appointments must be booked through the Facebook business page “Wedding Day Dress for Less" or call or text 920.632.3809. 


Through all of these mandates, restrictions, recommendations and shutdown, I learned a lot about what brides like and one huge thing is having private appointments. So even as things return to normal, we are going to continue being by appointment only. That way each bride may bring in unlimited guests and have the whole boutique to themselves. 


107 N. Broadway St.
Green Bay, WI 54115
T (920) 632-3809